CCUMC Preschool provides a morning preschool program and afternoon enrichment programs that are approved by the Maryland State Board of Education for children between the ages of 2 through 5 who have had their respective birthdays as of September 1 for the current school year.  All of our classes have a lead teacher and a teaching assistant. All of our morning classes meet from 9:00am until 12 noon and are arranged as follows:

Classes for 2-year-olds

Mid-year, two day class (Tu/Th, Jan-June) for children who turn 2 Sept-Dec

Two days (Tu/Th)
Three days (Mon/Wed/Fri)
Five days (Mon-Fri)

Two-year-old class size is typically 10 children with a Teacher and Teaching Assistant.

Classes for 3-year-olds

Three days (Mon/Wed/Fri)
Five days (Mon-Fri)

Three-year-old class size is typically 12 children with a Teacher and Teaching Assistant.

Classes for 4- and 5-year-olds

Five days (Mon-Fri)
– We offer a special class for older 5+ students

Four/Five-year-old class size is typically 16 children with a Teacher and Teaching Assistant

Afternoon Programs

Children must be admitted and registered in our morning program to attend any of our afternoon offerings. Afternoon Enrichment Class Schedule 2019-20

Afternoon Adventure

An afternoon enrichment program with a variety of activities including music, arts, science, outdoor play and story time.This program is offered Monday through Friday Noon to 2:30pm for the entire school year.  A schedule of afternoon activities is emailed to parents monthly.

French & Spanish Immersion

An afternoon enrichment program featuring language and activities taught in either French or Spanish.  The class meets on a particular afternoon each week from Noon until 2:30pm for the entire school year.

 Afternoon Mini-Sessions

We also offer a variety of afternoon mini-sessions throughout the year in five to six week blocks.  Activities offered range from soccer, gymnastics, yoga, basketball, music, art and cooking.

 Early Bird

This is an early morning drop-off program available on an as needed basis.  Children may be dropped off at 8:30am for a morning of free-play prior to the start of their regular morning class.