Advisory Council

CCUMC Preschool was begun by and operates under the auspices of CCUM Church. The governing board of the preschool, the Advisory Council, is comprised of preschool parents some of whom are Church members and some of whom are not. This board meets monthly to oversee and review all preschool budgetary and policy decisions and to plan preschool community events. The Advisory Council is also comprised of the two preschool administrators and one preschool staff representative.  Applications to join the Advisory Council are accepted each Spring for the following year.


Layna Connolly
Amy Klug

Contact the Advisory Council

Parent Representatives

Michael Bourgeois
Jaclynn Dayse
Kate Engbert
Catie Hurley
Jamie Minkler
Victoria Van Stekelenburg
Linda Zrida

Staff Representative

Allison Delfin


Lauren Bailey –
Lee Walsh –
The Reverend Katie Saari –

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