Class placement is based on the child’s birth date and the availability of openings in classes meeting on the days se­lected by the parent. A balance of boys and girls is sought in each class. Because we have such a strong team of teachers at CCUMCP, we are confident that each child will thrive in any class in which he/she is placed. We will not, therefore, accept requests for particular teachers. Children will be placed according to their age and gender in order to attain a balanced group. Whenever possible, children are placed with a friend.

Progression of children within the program is based on the child’s birth date. Any diversion from age grouping will be on the recommendation of the classroom teacher to the Director after at least six weeks of the child’s classroom participation.

Children are accepted for enrollment at CCUMC Preschool with the expectation that they will adapt to the program. If a child has not settled in after a reasonable period of time, the Director may ask that the child be withdrawn.

A very clearly explained and reiterated framework of behavior is set forth by the teachers so that each child learns that the rights, works and individuality of others are to be respected and, if need be, protected. The Director will ask that a child be withdrawn if, after consultation with the teacher and the child’s parents and a three week trial period, the Director decides that the continued participation of the child would be detrimental to the best interests of any or all concerned. Additionally, if parents fail to meet parent participation commitments, scheduled payments, or pay other fees owed (such as late fees), their child can be excluded from the program.

If a child is to be withdrawn from the program, parents must give 30 days notice in writing to the Administrator. Once the program has begun, payments must be made through that 30-day period, and all scheduled parent participation days must be fulfilled. No refunds will be issued after the final tuition payment (April 1).

Financial Aid

CCUMCP seeks to open its doors to children who otherwise might not be able to participate in its program. CCUMCP’s Scholarship Fund supports that mission, and encourages families seeking assistance to apply for funds by mid February for the upcoming school year.  Please contact the preschool office for details on applying for financial assistance.