What Parents Are Saying About CCUMC Preschool

“My daughter completed CCUMCP’s pre-k year, and I can’t say enough about how great it was. She enjoyed every day and learned so much. When she entered a private school in DC that fall, it became clear to me how well CCUMCP prepared her both academically and socially for kindergarten. My daughter excelled and thrived in every possible way, in large part to her experience in pre-k. She fit in perfectly with her Kindergarten peers who had already been at the private school for a year or two prior. She was reading ahead of schedule and developed a passion for math.

If any parent is wondering does CCUMCP’s pre-k program prepare their children for kindergarten: my answer is a resounding YES!! Bravo to CCUMCP!”

– Ginny Becker, parent of children ages 2, 3 and elementary schools

“We love the caring, nurturing staff all of whom truly adore our children!”

– Ellie, parent of children ages 2, 4 and elementary school age

“The most important attribute of a school is the quality of its teachers and CCUMC rocks in this regard. The teachers were excellent in providing the loving and caring environment that helped our daughter become more confident. The parent-teacher communication was first-rate (we would get email updates every single day) and the opportunity to co-op was enriching for all. Our daughter loved the various field trips and art projects. Our only regret is that we had not joined the school earlier!”

– Philip, parent of 5-year-old

“CCUMC creates such an amazing and loving preschool environment for our daughter and all the lucky children attending preschool there. The educational foundation the school provides is a positive learning environment balanced with caring and challenge. One, among many details that sets this school apart from many, is how the school educates us parents through impressive modeling by the teachers. We just love it all!”

– Trina, parent of 4-year-old

“Our CCUMC Preschool experience has been fantastic. We had heard great things about CCUMC from friends and family prior to enrolling our daughter. Rose’s experience in her Hummingbirds class exceeded all our expectations. We believe Rose really grew leaps and bounds as a result of being exposed to the environment, curriculum and culture at CCUMC. We look forward to watching her grow and succeed there in the years to come!”

– Megan & Dave, parents of 2-year-old

“The minute we walked into CCUMC for a tour, we knew it was the right place for us! The staff and teachers were all so warm and inviting from day one, and my 2-year-old thrived in the Buntings classroom. He can be a bit shy in group settings, but the teachers knew exactly how to bring him out and include him. Every morning my son was excited to go to school, and when I picked him up he was sad to leave. CCUMC is such a special, loving place, it’s really been a privilege to send my son there! Thank you again”

– Julianne, parent of 2-year-old

We have had two children attend the preschool program at CCUMCP and both our children love CCUMCP so much. Even though our children are quite different in personality and different types of learners, the school provides a nurturing and enriching educational environment that is specific to the student. Both my children thrived at CCUMCP and cultivated a love for school. We, as parents, can’t speak more highly of the caring teachers and administration at CCUMCP as they are amazing. We are also very thankful for the school community – it is one that is welcoming and inclusive. Our children have/are graduating from the Pre-K program as eager learners and ready to enter kindergarten. 

Joyce, parent of 5-year-old and alumna age 8

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