We are blessed to have dedicated, professional educators to nurture our students. Each class is staffed by a teacher and an assistant each of whom hold the credentials required by the Montgomery County Office of Child Care (OCC).

In addition, all staff members receive substantial continuing education training in early childhood education each year and maintain current certificates in First Aid, CPR and Medication Administration Authorization. Our staff of 25 includes a Music Specialist and French and Spanish Instructors.


Lee Walsh
Lee WalshDirector
Lauren Bailey
Lauren BaileyProgram Administrator & Admissions


Cynthia Ferrell & Jane Cheremeteff
Cynthia Ferrell & Jane CheremeteffAssistant & Teacher
Blue Jays Teachers (3s)
Room 205
Natasha Saifee & Allison Delfin
Natasha Saifee & Allison Delfin Assistant & Teacher
Buntings Teachers (2s)
Room 210
Kelley Gronda & Kathy Pirtle
Kelley Gronda & Kathy PirtleTeacher & Assistant
Cardinals Teachers (Pre-K)
Room 211
Monday – Friday
Helenice McDonald & Judy Knoll
Helenice McDonald & Judy KnollAssistant & Teacher
Sparrows Teachers (2s)
Room 212
Monday – Friday
Izzy Cheremeteff & Wendy Cevallos
Izzy Cheremeteff & Wendy CevallosAssistant & Teacher
Doves Teachers (3s)
Room 302
Monica Kerns & Diane Cannon
Monica Kerns & Diane CannonTeacher & Assistant
Eagles Teachers (Pre-K)
Room 304
Rose Martins & Sarah Gilmore
Rose Martins & Sarah GilmoreAssistant & Teacher
Hummingbird Teachers (mid-year 2s)
Room 107
Marty Delgado & Claudia Tassara
Marty Delgado & Claudia TassaraTeacher & Assistant
Owls Teachers (Pre-K)
Room 306
Lotfi Khenissi & Heather Lee
Lotfi Khenissi & Heather LeeAssistant & Teacher
Penguins Teachers (Pre-K)
Room 301
Maria Spina & Amy McCarty
Maria Spina & Amy McCartyAssistant & Teacher
Robins Teachers (3s)
Room 303
Shelley Lowinger & Madeleine Kaneh
Shelley Lowinger & Madeleine KanehTeacher & Assistant
Starlings Teachers (2s)
Room 109
Rose Martins & Sarah Gilmore
Rose Martins & Sarah GilmoreAssistant & Teacher
Orioles Teachers (3s)
Room 107
Maribeth Gowen
Maribeth GowenMusic Specialist