Our Mission

At CCUMC Preschool we are dedicated to building a foundation for our children rooted in Christian values that will nurture their compassion for the world around them and encourage them to develop into the fullness of their potential.

We are a non-profit, self-supportive program established in 1967 operating under the auspices of the Chevy Chase United Methodist Church. The school provides a morning preschool program for children ages two through five years. Early morning and extended day programs are also available.

We affirm a child’s spirituality and believe children should be aware of God’s presence in our lives. Therefore the Christian philosophy that God has created us, loves and cares for us, is the underpinning to our program.

The program seeks to expose children to community life through field trips, community service, and classroom units so that they are able to see themselves in relation to families, communities and all of God’s world.

The children say a blessing together each day before snack, and participate in three brief non-denominational services in the Sanctuary at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter.

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