Financial Aid

As a preschool with a Christian philosophy, CCUMCP seeks to open its doors to children who otherwise might not be able to participate in its program. CCUMC Preschool’s Scholarship Policy supports that mission, and families seeking assistance are encouraged to apply for funds.

Scholarships should be applied for at the time of registration, but no later than March 1st. After the March 1st deadline, qualifying applications will be considered on a rolling basis subject to the availability of remaining funds. Applicants will be required to submit a completed Financial Aid accompanied by their most recent Federal Income Tax return and a current payroll statement. In addition, applicants will be required to write a letter to the Advisory Council explaining the reasons for their scholarship need.

The application will be treated with discretion and only made available to the administrators and selected members of the Preschool Advisory Council. Decisions on financial aid are made by the Preschool Advisory Council

The Scholarship Fund is perpetuated by donations, designated fundraisers, and a percentage of the net surplus from the school’s operating budget.