Events and Fundraisers

CCUMC Preschool seeks to be a community not only of preschoolers but of the entire family. To foster this sense of community social events are planned throughout the school year. Each school year begins with a family concert and picnic on our large playground. Room parents for each class also plan an opening event to allow parents and families an opportunity to get to know each other outside the classroom. During the fall there is a Wine Tasting Fundraiser which offers parents the opportunity to socialize without their children. Our winter event is a Pizza and Movie Night where we show a G-rated movie appropriate for the whole family on a large blow-up screen at the school’s Phillip’s Hall. Kids and adults alike enjoy watching the movie and eating pizza and popcorn in cozy pajamas. The last event of the year is our Ice Cream Social held when the weather is warm. All incoming families are invited to this event too. Throughout the year there are other social opportunities held sporadically like Moms’ Nights Out or Dad’ Nights Out as well as unique small fundraising events.

The Preschool’s Advisory Council is planning a special fundraising event this year (2018) honoring the school’s 50th Anniversary.  The event will be held on February 10, 2018 at the home of one our preschool families.  Funds raised will support the Preschool’s infrastructure and student enrichment programs.  All current families and alumni families are invited to attend.  We will have 50 fabulous auction packages to bid on including special offerings from many of our teachers.  Please also consider offering an item to be donated at the auction.  For more information please contact the preschool office.

The Preschool promotes reading by participating each month in the Scholastic Book Club and various other literacy events throughout the year.

BookFair Mar08

March Book Fair

Pre-K luncheon songs

Pre-K Valentines Day Event